Tf2 validating 100 stuck Bookcam chat

(like cod4 modern warfare to me, just check existing files, nothing downloaded.) its working for mecan we get a admin or something to reply, steam support pretty much is god-damn useless saying we don't support it go to the goddamn forums, it's been over a month now and absolutely NO ONE has replied from the dev team.

No changing a speed won't help, neither abunch of stupid basic troubleshooting techniques that everyones tried for the millionth time.

I know the feel of taking hours to download TF2 "that is mostly the source engine, 7GB alone".

I am truly not sure what to say, you may be better off asking in the Steam forums on this.

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I don't think running psensor is the cause of the issue - problem occurs when psensor is not running also.

This system supports the Open GL extension GL_EXT_framebuffer_blit.

This system supports the Open GL extension GL_EXT_framebuffer_multisample.

I can play on the single player training mode for an arbitary time and the problem does not seem to reappear.

Sometimes my game gets stuck with very low frame rates.

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