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At Im Live you'll find exactly who you're looking for.They've got thousands of beautiful, hot moms waiting for you to show up and take charge.Consulting Mohammad Moin's dictionary of Persian, 'awrah leads to two significations: ‎‎), meaning weak) has been associated with femininity and women who lived under the protection of a man.

It’s mainly been promoted by Donald Trump supporting anti-Muslim bigots, far-right extremists and people who’ll easily believe anything bad about Muslims.The term continues to be used in many other sources of Jewish law and is still used in modern Hebrew today to mean either prohibited sexual acts or sexual organs.In Arabic, the term 'awrah or 'awrat (‎‎) as well as Hindi and Urdu , the word 'awrat derived from the Arabic 'awrah, had been used widely to mean "woman".In Turkish, avrat is one of the ways to say 'woman', but is used more in the rural area and may also mean 'wife', especially the way the husband calls his wife.The term 'awrah as it is used in the Quran is confined neither to women nor to the body.

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