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To make the decision to get tested, you need to clearly understand what testing is and what the results mean.

No matter what you decide, you should know that having safe and protected sex, or drug use, will reduce the chances of putting yourself or someone else at risk for infection.

Fran Mihaljevic” will provide you with counselling services, HIV and/or hepatitis C testing, health related information and education, ways to reduce risks and recommendations.

We also ensure quality links with the institutionalized healthcare system for additional support, care and treatment.

Možda vaš muškarac nije veliki avanturist kada je seks u pitanju, ali postoje načini da tu osobinu probudite u njemu.

Thanks to the Violence Against Women Act (“VAWA”), tenants who live in public, Section 8 Tenant-Based or Project-Based assisted housing cannot be given lease violations or terminated from assistance, tenancy or occupancy because they are a victim of abuse.

Nor can they be terminated from assistance, tenancy or occupancy, based on criminal activity directly relating to domestic violence, dating violence or stalking engaged in by a member of a tenant’s household, any guest or other person living or interacting with the victim if the tenant or immediate member of the tenant’s family is a victim of that domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking.

Kako početak može biti težak, savjetujemo vam da uzmete malo vremena da se uživite u ulogu.

Ako želite biti tajnica, obucite bijelu košulju, usku crnu suknju, samodržeće čarape i visoke štikle. Polako mu priđite i recite mu da vam izdiktira pismo. A spavaća soba je idealno mesto da porazgovarate o uvjetima vaše povišnice.

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