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Internet censorship in China is hampering scientific research and economic development in the country, a senior adviser for the country's government has warned.

In a rare public criticism of the nation's internet restrictions, Luo Fuhe, vice-chairman of the top advisory body to the country's parliament, warned that slow access to overseas academic websites have hindered the work of domestic researchers.

; born July 30, 1979), sometimes credited as Show Lo, is a Taiwanese singer, actor and host.

He is commonly known by his Chinese nickname Xiao Zhu (Little Pig) due to being overweight during his middle school years. His father was a host and his mother was a Taiwanese Aborigine singer.

Meanwhile, Naomi looked more than happy as she got to work alongside Erin O'Connor and Caroline Winberg in London last month, and after five years with Vladimir, the ‘split’ looked the furthest thing from her mind.

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Show Luo encouraged people to put coins into the donation box instead of their wallets.

This money might give people with vision disability more opportunities. Show Luo was the second highest-paid Taiwanese celebrity of 2012.

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