The dating bible gay and lesbian edition

It was obviously biased in its attitude from the start.It is evident to me that Lisa already had her mind made up and was simply interested in trying to convince her readers that she was right.Excerpts: Bill Wylie-Kellerman: I found the cover story by Lisa Miller quite good over all, and stimulating, raising a number of things about which I'd like to talk, beginning with the very nature of marriage in church and society. This is a very important topic, not only for the church but also for our culture.That is actually a matter of some theological confusion. I believe Christians must submit to the Bible's teachings, and I believe the Bible is unequivocal in its teaching that homosexual behavior is sinful.

It's not our favorite city, but for a pair of 60-somethings who can sit at the penny slot machines for hours, it was heaven. By the end of our trip, the four of us had seen just about everything you would expect to see in a place nicknamed Sin City -- except for faith-based protesters.

It's given me personal and emotional insight as well as pastoral understanding.

I had hoped God would have shown me these things in another, less painful and grief-stricken way, but his ways are his ways, mysterious and otherworldly, and I'm not one to tell him how he can do his job.

First Corinthians 6:9 states that homosexual offenders will not inherit the kingdom of God.

These truths apply equally to bisexuals and to homosexuals.

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