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Quitting only guarantees fewer opportunities, and fewer opportunities means fewer chances of meeting “The One.” Next: one online dating service vs. …I believe Shakespeare dealt with the same issue in his time.

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Many older virgins feel conflicted and worried when they think about finding a man to have sex with them.However, it is a site with the purest of intentions.It exists to bring virgins into contact with virgins. At least, not until they are married (a feat the Colins have allegedly managed).So, as I see it, even if your chances of meeting Mr.Right on e Harmony are 1 in 100, that’s infinitely better odds than if you’re not on e Harmony. Any woman who ever told me that she hated online dating felt justified by her negative experiences. And while there’s something safe about not dating – no disappointment, heartbreak, and jackasses, to name three things – solitude doesn’t lead one to relationships. So, as I’ve said a thousand times, your job is to be in it for the long haul, instead of thinking that a lone month on a dating site should magically pop out your future spouse.

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