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Roddick isn't as big a fan of Mötley Crüe, but he sure digs Tommy Lee. That night ended with Lee going backstage and singing "Happy Birthday" to Roddick.That's because the infamous drummer and reality-TV fixture has also tweeted about Purity Ring — and what's more, he did so after buying tickets for one of their L. The only thing missing is a Taylor Swift cosign, and it's not for lack of effort."We've given her props a few times, hoping one day, it will come back our way," says Roddick.The body of work we may eventually call the "Book of Megan James" is now two chapters long.This week, James and Corin Roddick, her partner in the spellbinding Canadian synth-pop duo Purity Ring, release .

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Hayley Williams is among her avowed disciples, and recently, when the Paramore frontwoman tweeted about how excited she was for the new Purity Ring record, none other than Katy Perry retweeted her."I listen to Paramore and Katy Perry, so I'm pretty stoked," says Roddick, also on the Skype chat.James has referred to her lyrics on that first record as "personal scriptures," and with this latest offering, she's still preaching the gospel."I'm attempting to write myself," James says via Skype from L.A., where she and Roddick are putting the finishing touches on the elaborate light show they'll unveil next month, as they begin a tour of Europe and North America.The company has always been straightforward in its mission to encourage people to share information.Facebook believes that when people share within its system, without fretting about the data they generate, his company can deliver tangible benefits.

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